Annoying Girlfriend or the Boat

Annoying Girlfriend talking to someone on the phone:
Ewwww, Jeff caught a fish…a base… a bass. I don’t know but it spelled the same. Guess where he took me? Fishing, yeah. Fishing…water and everything. Oh I know and they are so yucky. He almost made me touch a worm, ohhhh. He said fishing, so I thought we’re going on daddy’s yacht and get a sushi. Well, he is cute though. You should see him in his fishing outfit. But whatever, look at me. I worked out yesterday at the gym on the treadmill, 3 minutes. Uhmmm, almost worked up a sweat. All I know is when we get back to dry land…eBay. Me or the boat? Of course, he’s gonna pick me. I don’t know the boat is kinda sparkly though. My outfit matches it and I didn’t even plan that. (Laughing) That’s so funny. I need another guy that doesn’t take me fishing. (Laughing) I know.

When her boyfriend heard the word “eBay” and choosing between her and the boat, he pushed with his feet an emergency button that ejected the woman out of his boat.

This is definitely hilarious and pretty clever for the guy to put an emergency button on the boat for whiny and annoying people, like his girlfriend… or should I say ex-girlfriend.

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