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Did You Hear a Click?

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Old People Playing Wii

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Elderly Couple Enjoys Playing the Piano

What more can I say? Life is indeed beautiful… This video should be an inspiration to all elderly couples or even individuals out there. It’s just like saying that being old should never be taken as an excuse to become gloomy or miserable. They look lively, and they seem to enjoy playing the piano together. […]

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Funny Grandma as “Dirty Granny”

At first, I felt sorry for the grandmother in this video. How can those two jerks treat an elderly woman like that? Don’t they have a grandma that they’re doing something stupid such as robbing an old lady. But, after watching the whole video and found out that granny is not a goody goody old […]

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Waking Up The Old Lady

Lesson No.1: Respect old people, particularly older women. You would think that our elders are just weak and delicate. Well, not this old lady. She sure knows how to defend herself when needed. The guy in the cool car did not really expect that the lady would hit his car with a bag, thus releasing […]

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Old Lady Driving A Stranger Off The Road

If you think that old women are boring and not funny at all, then you are wrong. This old lady sure knows how to entertain herself. You know what I’m thinking? Maybe, this lady’s husband is such a boring kind of guy. Because of a long drive to their destination and no one to talk […]

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